Matt Wyatt

  I grew up in a small town in the Fort Worth area.  While on a mission trip to Brownsville, Texas in the summer of 1988, I met the girl of my dreams.  Since I didn't believe in long distance romance, I moved to the Houston area to be close to her and we married in the summer of 1990.  We have three children.  My oldest daughter is in college while my son and youngest daughter are in high school.  While my career has been in paramedicine, I've always desired to play music whether doing it live or by playing music at parties.  That is the ultimate job--playing music so people can have fun!  I love all types of music!  I've been playing guitar since I was eight years old and it is an undying passion!  I am brand new to DJ Brothers and I love playing music, listening to music and enjoy watching people have fun at their special life events and being a part of it!  I am hoping that someday I will learn how to do the Dougie!  

Meet Matt Wyatt